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Istio.com is a service that checks the spelling and punctuation of text online. This is a free tool for spotting errors and typos.

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What errors does the service detect?

Various types of errors can be detected using an algorithm developed specifically for Istio.com. These include:

  • repetitions or lack of spaces;
  • repetition of punctuation: two dots or commas in a row;
  • separating introductory words in sentences;
  • highlighting errors in concordance;
  • grammatical and lexical errors;
  • word repetition;
  • typos;
  • lower case letters at the beginning of a sentence;
  • compound words that must be hyphenated.

The service provides an in-depth analysis of the text. Along with spelling and punctuation checks, the user can view the text's length, word repetition frequency, wateriness, and nausea indicators. The website can determine the topic of the text being checked thanks to built-in algorithms.

No registration or authorization is required to use the website.

What is the language of the check?

Spell-check text is available at 30+ languages: Arabic, Asturian, Belarusian, Breton, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, Galician, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Ukrainian.

Only the minimum number of characters is limited: it must be greater than 100. No upper limit applies. There are only server restrictions, the maximum amount of text may differ from the load on the site at the time of the check.

The service includes a free spell checker. No limit exists on how many texts you can send per day.

Finding and correcting errors

Checking for errors in written text enables you to identify flaws that may go unnoticed when typing quickly. Incorrect words are highlighted in red font. To view the available error correction options, right-click on them. A suggested word list will appear.

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The online punctuation checker shows syntax errors. The service will guide you through putting punctuation marks, capital letters after full stops. After the analysis, you will see things like double commas, brackets, full stops, and other punctuation marks.

How do I use the service?

The literacy test service works online. The user needs to follow this sequence:

  1. Enter the text to be checked for errors and typos into the box.
  2. Click on the «Analysis» or «Spelling» button if you want to check a new text or re-check this one.
  3. It will take less than 5 seconds for your results to be ready.
  4. Typos, grammar and punctuation errors, if any, will be highlighted in red.
  5. You can correct errors immediately in the built-in editor. Right-click on the incorrect word and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list.

Literacy check generates error-free content. It analyses in a matter of seconds, which saves time. You can correct the highlighted fragments in the editor.