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Create your password of any complexity

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Excluded ambiguous characters like l and 1, O and 0
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Why do you need a password generation service

There are situations when a person has bookmarked an important site for himself, with which money transfers are connected, or confidential personal data is stored, and can't come up with a strong password.

He racks his brains for a long time and remembers all his significant dates that could take part in the creation of the main phrases, but why do this if there is an online password generator. The convenience of this simple service is clearly underestimated. WITH it can be used to create a complex password of 8 characters or more.

The password generator significantly saves the user's time, which he can spend on more important things and ensures the security of protecting accounts, where important information may be stored. Generated passwords are not saved anywhere, and the chances of repeating them are extremely low.

Service Benefits

A strong password can save user data from hacking by random guessing. In addition, the generator:

  • completely free;
  • available online 24/7;
  • works without registration;
  • has a wide range of settings;
  • simple and easy to use, and intuitive for everyone.

The main phrase obtained with the help of the program can be used absolutely on any site as data for registration and authorization in social networks, email, game or operating system.

To use the tool, select the required configurations and click on the — «Generate new password». If the default settings offered by the program do not suit you, then you can manually specify from what signs it will consist of. To do this, you need to go to the field «used symbols».

The best professional advice on how to come up with a password

Hacks due to poorly chosen password are much more common than due to misconfiguration or software bugs, but There are some professional tips to help you create the strongest password.

  1. When creating, it is best to apply complex phrases for each account. If it is weak, then the hackers easy to hack and use user data on other websites.
  2. No need to apply personal information such as names, birthdays, residential addresses.
  3. Avoid using the same phrases in which only one character or word has been changed for sites. By using different passwords, you can protect your data. So, if the main phrase from one site is lost, then you will not need to worry about the safety of confidential information on other resources.
  4. Make sure that the main phrase is at least 12 uppercase and lowercase characters. How the longer it is, the better.
  5. In the process of generating the master password, it is better to use a phrase or text from your favorite movie or song. Also, you can add random characters, but not replace them with simple patterns.
  6. Don't share your main phrase by email or text message. The safest to use LastPass, which gives you the ability to share a hidden password and revoke access when needed.

Let's summarize which password can be considered the most secure

The best password — consisting of a random set of letters and numbers, more than 12 characters in length, which the user can easily remember.